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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox 66.0 was released two days ago. Now it’s available in main repositories of Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 18.10.

Firefox 66.0 release highlights:

  • Block sound auto-play. You can add exceptions, or turn the feature off.
  • Easier search via a redesigned new tab in Private Windows
  • Basic support for macOS Touch Bar
  • Title bar is hidden by default in Linux (Unfortunately I still see it in Ubuntu build).
  • Search from the tab overflow menu
  • Scroll anchoring keeps content from jumping as images and ads load at the top of the page
  • Redesigned certificate error pages
  • Improved extensions to load web page faster
  • Enabled AV1 support on 32-bit Windows and MacOS.

Upgrade to Firefox 66 in Ubuntu:

For all current Ubuntu releases, simply open Software Updater and install the updates after checking for updates.

If you don’t see the Firefox updates, go to Software & Updates and make sure the security and updates repositories are enabled in Updates tab.

Firefox 55

Mozilla Firefox announced new stable 64.0 release a few hours ago with new features and performance improvements.

Mozilla Firefox 64.0 features:

  • Better recommendations: You may see suggestions in regular browsing mode for new and relevant Firefox features, services, and extensions based on how you use the web (for US users only)
  • Ability to select multiple tabs from the tab bar and close, move, bookmark, or pin them quickly and easily
  • New Task Manager page (about:performance) lets you see how much energy each open tab consumes and provides access to close tabs to conserve power
  • Enable link time optimization (Clang LTO) for Mac and Linux.
  • Add Share web pages option for Windows in the Page Actions menu
  • Added option to remove add-ons using the context menu on their toolbar buttons
  • Various security fixes and many other changes.

Install the Latest Firefox in Ubuntu:

The Firefox 64.0 packages for Ubuntu Linux will be available in 2 or 3 days.

At the time, Firefox snap package (available in Ubuntu Software) will automatic update to the 64.0 release.

To upgrade from the default Firefox packge, launch Software Updater and Firefox 64 package will be there once published.

Firefox 55

Mozilla Firefox 63.0 was released one day ago. All current Ubuntu releases can install it through security & updates repositories.

Firefox 63.0 release highlights:

  • Performance and visual improvements for Windows users.
  • Faster tab switching, reactivity improvements for macOS users.
  • Opt to block third-party tracking cookies or block all trackers and create exceptions for trusted sites
  • WebExtensions now run in their own process on Linux
  • Added search shortcuts for Top Sites: Amazon and Google appear as Top Sites tiles on the Firefox Home (New Tab) page.
  • The Ctrl+Tab shortcut now displays thumbnail previews of your tabs

Upgrade to Firefox 63 in Ubuntu:

The Ubuntu Mozilla Team has published the new Firefox packages for Ubuntu 18.10, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 14.04, and their derivatives.

Simply open Software Updater (Update Manager), and install the updates after checking for updates:

If you don’t see the Firefox updates, go to Software & Updates -> Update and make sure security & updates repositories are enabled.

Firefox 55

Mozilla Firefox 62.0 was released a day ago with new features, performance improvements, and various security fixes.

Firefox 62.0 release highlights:

  • Firefox Home (the default New Tab) allows to display up to 4 rows of top sites, Pocket stories, and highlights
  • “Reopen in Container” tab menu option appears for users with Containers that lets them choose to reopen a tab in a different container
  • A preference allows users to distrust certificates issued by Symantec. (go to about:config in the address bar and set the preference “security.pki.distrust_ca_policy” to 2.)
  • Added FreeBSD support for WebAuthn
  • Improved graphics rendering for Windows users without accelerated hardware
  • Support for CSS Shapes, allowing for richer web page layouts. This goes hand in hand with a brand new Shape Path Editor in the CSS inspector.
  • CSS Variable Fonts (OpenType Font Variations) support, which makes it possible to create beautiful typography with a single font file
  • AutoConfig is sandboxed to the documented API by default. You can disable the sandbox by setting the preference general.config.sandbox_enabled to false.
  • Added Canadian English (en-CA) locale, and various bug-fixes.

Download / Install Firefox in Ubuntu:

As usual, Ubuntu Mozilla Team will publish the new Firefox release packages through Ubuntu security & updates repositories.

So just wait and Firefix 62 will be available for upgrade via Software Updater in 2 or 3 days.

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Firefox 55

Mozilla Firefox 61.0 was released a few hours ago with further more performance improvements, new features, and safer online experience.

Firefox 61.0 release highlights:

  • Faster page rendering with Quantum CSS improvements and the new retained display list feature
  • Faster switching between tabs on Windows and Linux
  • WebExtensions now run in their own process on MacOS
  • Ability to add search engines to the address bar “Search with” tool from the page action menu.
  • On-by-default support for the latest draft of the TLS 1.3 specification
  • Access to FTP subresources inside http(s) pages has been blocked
  • Improvements for dark theme support across the entire Firefox user interface
  • Added support to allow WebExtensions to hide tabs
  • Improved bookmark syncing

Download / Install Firefox 61

Ubuntu Mozilla team will package the new Firefox release, and publish it in updates / security repositories.

The new release packages will be usually available in a few days, at that time you can install it via Software Updater.