Easiest Way to Change Grub2 bootloader Background Wallpaper

Grub is the default boot loader of Ubuntu Linux. Since Grub2 there’s an easy way to change its background wallpaper, without any third-party software.

All you need is the picture file you want to set as background. Supported file format: jpeg, tga, and png.

To get started:

1.) Open Nautilus as root account by pressing Alt+F2, then type gksudo nautilus and hit enter.

2.) Navigate to Computer/Home/your-user-name, copy the picture and paste it into /boot/grub

3.) Now apply the changes by running this command in terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T):

sudo update-grub

You’ll find “Found background image: picture-name.jpg” in the output.

Reboot and see the magic!