Wine development 1.7.6 released with full Unicode 6.3 support

Wine 1.7.6

The latest Wine development v1.7.6 has been released on November 8. According to the announcement, the BiDi algorithm has been rewritten for full Unicode 6.3 support, support has been added for Video Mixing Renderer version 7, and there’s now better handling of window resizes in the Mac driver.

As well as that, there are 30 bugs fixed in 1.7.6:

  • FindActCtxSectionGuid not implemented for NHL games
  • Multiple applications fail due to user32 OpenInputDesktop stub (TeamViewer, QQ International, Inspect tool from Windows Platform SDK)
  • Touhou 7.5: Immaterial and Missing Power (IaMP) – config.exe (16 bit app) silently fails (missing comctl32.dll dependency)
  • Max Payne 2: Ingame windows rendered incorrect with nvts pipe
  • Pikachu Volleyball’s window isn’t positioned correctly in a virtual desktop
  • Bioshock 1.0 crashes at startup
  • Install Shield fails on 64bit multilib wine if WINEPREFIX was created by 64bit wine
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2: crashes when loading level
  • Multiple apps need support for COM server information from PE manifest a.k.a registration/registry-free COM (Exact Audio Copy (EAC), AliWangWang …)
  • Split Second crashes when changing screen resolution
  • Multiple .NET apps need GdipPrivateAddFontFile (MTGO v3 launcher, Harmony Practice 3)
  • Post Apocalyptic Mayhem crashes on start
  • Visual Studio 2010 needs windowscodecs WICSetEncoderFormat_Proxy
  • Certain games on Steam crash on start in xinput1_3 (in-game overlay enabled)
  • Dragon age 2 : Graphic bug when saving, loading or entering new area
  • Low FPS with winemac driver in Unreal Tournament GOTY
  • Artemis 2.0 crashes when loading the splash screen
  • TreeSize Free: help window won’t open
  • Heidisql & Beyond Compare: crashes when trying to copy and paste inside the program
  • Battle City Remake crashes
  • TM2013 can’t install
  • Notepad++: crashes launching the plugin manager
  • Music stopped working in The Witcher
  • Installation of Windows Installer Cleanup utility fails due to wshom:WshShell3_ExpandEnvironmentStrings being a stub
  • The winspool.drv:info test crashes on Windows 8
  • lotro close with gamer error 201
  • Xmlhttprequest referer is not set
  • SmartFTP Client needs shlwapi.PathUnExpandEnvStringsA/W implementation
  • Multiple .NET 3.x/4.x apps need Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration WMI class
  • No sound in Mass Effect 2/3
  • More details can be found in the announcement

    The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at Wine PPA

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