YouTube App ‘Minitube’ 2.2 Released, Install it in Ubuntu 14.04

Last updated: July 28, 2014

minitube 2.2 Ubuntu 14.04

The native YouTube client Minitube 2.2 was released a few days ago with playback problems fixed, updated translations, and a new subscriptions context menu.

According to the announcement, the new release:

  • Fixed some videos not playing issue.
  • Fixed bug with dragging playlist items from the thumbnail
  • Fixed painting errors when scrolling playlist on Linux
  • Added ‘Stop After This Video‘ Unity & Gnome 3 action under Playback menu.
  • Added --stop-after-this command line switch so you can gracefully end playback from a SSH shell.
  • Added subscriptions context menu: Unsubscribe, Mark as Watched.

Minitube 2.2 Ubuntu 14.04

Install Minitube 2.2 in Ubuntu 14.04:

First check out your OS type, 32-bit or 64-bit, by going to System Settings -> Details.

Then download the .deb package from:

Download Minitube 2.2 .deb

64-bit OS download the “minitube_xxx_amd64.deb”. 32-bit OS download the “minitube_xxx_i386.deb”

Finally, double-click the package in your file browser to open with Ubuntu Software Center. When it opens, click the Install button.


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