Virtualbox 5.0.4 released, How to Upgrade

Oracle virtualbox 5.0

The second maintenance release for Virutalbox 5.0 has been released today. The new release brings Linux Kernel 4.2 support and a number of fixes to GUI, Audio, WM, X11, etc.

Here’s the full changelog of Virtualbox 5.0.4:

  • VMM:
    • fixed an issue with Windows 10 guest kernel debugging over the network for Hyper-V paravirtualized VMs
    • fixed a bug which prevented reading the saved state of the ‘PATM’ unit from VirtualBox 4.3.x
  • GUI:
    • changed default OS type for Windows from Windows XP to Windows 7
    • added another pre-defined guest screen resolution
    • fixed update check which was broken due to changing the location of the root certificates
    • fixed issues with synchronization of Caps lock / Num lock / Scroll lock on Windows hosts
    • don’t crash during VM shutdown if 2D video acceleration and 3D support are enabled (Mac OS X hosts only)
    • several seamless fixes for certain X11 window managers, also when used in multi-screen setups
    • Log window size, position and cursor-position fixes
  • Audio:
    • fixed playing leftover/deprecated audio samples
    • fixed playing audio after suspending the host (5.0 regression; Linux hosts using the ALSA backend)
    • fixed playing short audio samples which were chopped off formerly
    • fixed distortions on OS X when the sample rate of the guest stream and host device don’t match
    • Storage: fixed raw disk access and flat VMDK image access which would be always opened readonly
  • Storage: fixed initial encryption of VDI images after they were compacted
  • VGA: fix for certain graphics modes
  • NAT: don’t freeze while the VM is paused if the network attachment mode is changed from/to NAT with activated port forwarding
  • OVF: fixed duplicate USB controller entries in exported OVA/OVF
  • Shared Folders: fixed a path separator issue
  • Drag and drop: fixed crashes on OS X hosts when doing host-to-guest transfers
  • VBoxManage: another attempt to not deny changing the network adapter type at VM runtime (5.0 regression)
  • VBoxManage: fixed broken guestcontrol list command (5.0 regression)
  • VBoxManage: fixed broken Guest Control stdout/stderr output (5.0 regression)
  • Mac OS X hosts: fixed remaining problems with activated SMAP (Broadwell and later)
  • Mac OS X hosts: fixed broken 3D support (5.0.2 regression)
  • Linux hosts: Linux 4.2 fix
  • Linux hosts: don’t crash on older Linux distributions if the DBus service isn’t running
  • Windows hosts: fixed the VERR_LDR_MISMATCH_NATIVE error message
  • Windows hosts: fix for Windows 10 build 10525 and later
  • Windows hosts: fixed network adapter enumeration on Windows 10
  • Windows hosts: prevent intermittent host network disconnects during VM start/shutdown with bridged networking
  • Windows Additions: fixed the call to the memory allocation function
  • Linux Additions: be more forgiving if the compilation of the vboxvideo module fails
  • X11 Additions: fixed a number of small issues with dynamic resizing and full-screen and seamless modes.

How to install or upgrade to Virtualbox 5.0.4:

For Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 12.04 and derivatives, you can:

1. either download the .deb installer directly from THIS PAGE.

2. or install / upgrade VBox from its official Linux repository. Below is how:

If you have a previous release installed, you may already have its Linux repository added in your system, just run Software Updater and check out the available software list after checking for updates:

If not, added VBox repository via 2 commands:

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb $(lsb_release -cs) contrib" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualbox.list'

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -

Finally upgrade the software via Software Updater, or via apt-get commands:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-5.0

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