Classic Menu Indicator 0.08 Has Been Released

After about one year and a half, Classic Menu Indicator finally released a new version 0.08. It brings a few improvements and adds support for more languages.

As you may know, ClassicMenu Indicator is a indicator applet for Unity, that provides the main menu of Gnome2/Gnome Classic.

New features in ClassicMenu indicator 0.08:

  • ClassicMenu Indicator has its own icon now
  • added support for some configuration options
  • improved handling of missing/unusable icons
  • extended “ClassicMenu Indicator” submenu
  • added Estonian, French, Croatian, Japanese, Malay, Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified) language support
  • changed the way commands are run

To install Classic Menu Indicator 0.08, just download and double-click to install the DEB:


The source code is also available for downloading from here.