cTorrent – Command line bittorrent client for Ubuntu Linux

Last updated: October 18, 2013

CTorrent is a lightweight command-line bittorrent client which is written in the C++. Original ctorrent’s upstream has stopped its development and now it’s kept updated with new releases/bug fixes by a new developer. It’s built as a console program and it can be even used remotely in a machine that provides outside ssh access. Other main features are:

  • Support for large files (>2GB) and large torrents (>255 files).
  • Strategic selection of pieces to request for download.
  • Continuous queueing of download requests, tuned based on latency and throughput for each peer.
  • Improved download performance, including parallel requests in initial and endgame modes.
  • Improved bandwidth regulation.
  • Improved compatibility with other peers.
  • Performance optimization and bug fixes.
  • An interface for monitoring and managing multiple clients.
  • Dynamic cache allocation and management, including prefetch.

Install cTorrent:

You don’t have to do something special to install cTorrent, just search for and install the package from Ubuntu Software Center.


To run ctorrent:

ctorrent -s new_filename -e 12 -C 32 -p 6881 example.torrent

For more options, run:



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