Wayland 1.3 Final Released, Download link included

wayland 1.3

Wayland is a protocol that specifies the communication between the display server (called Wayland compositor) and its clients. It is intended as a simpler replacement for X.

Wayland and Weston 1.3 has been released a few hours ago. See what’s new in this release:

  • More pixel formats for wl_shm (Tomeu Vizoso). We can now create RGB565 (and many more) shm surfaces and a compositor can indicate which ones it supports.
  • Doc work (Peter Hutterer, Bryce Harrington, Aaron Faanes). Much work on the doc build system from Peter and general wording and grammer improvements all around.
  • Multi resource support (Rob Bradford). Rob added support for dealing with lsits of resources which the weston side multi-resource fix builds on.
  • Support for language bindings (Jason Ekstrand). After a long time and many detours into fixing other parts of Wayland and Weston, Jason finally landed the language binding support. This feature lets you bind a higher level language to libwayland-client/server by providing custom dispatch functions.
  • Release requests for wl_pointer, wl_keyboard and wl_touch (Rob Bradford). We don’t have a way for a client to deregister its interest in receiving input events, we just drop them on the client side when the client destroys the proxy. With the release requests, we now have a way to stop the server from sending them in the first place.
  • Install the wayland.xml protocol defintion (Jason Ekstrand). We now install the core Wayland XML protocol definition in a public location. Language bindings can parse this to generate code or bind dynamically. This also introduces a well known protocol directory where other projects can install protocol files.
  • Very few bug fixes in this release. There was only a couple of actual bug fixes this time around, which again is a sign that core wayland is settling down.

See official announcement.

Download source tarball: weston-1.3.0.tar.xz.

Check out Wayland download page: wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/