DeaDBeeF 0.6.0 released, Install in Ubuntu Linux Mint

Last updated: November 27, 2013

DeadBeef 0.6.0 ubuntu 13.10

The open-source DeadBeef music player recently released v0.6.0 with great new feature: GUI layout designer. It allows to customize the user interface by splitting the main window and filling with button, spectrum, scope, album art display, selection properties, playlist, playlist browser, etc.

Below is my customized DeadBeef interface. You can design it to whatever you like.

customized deabeef music player in Ubuntu 13.10

How to use Layout Designer

First enable design mode under menu ‘View > Design Mode’. Right-click on main window and choose ‘Insert -> Splitter (left and right) or (top and bottom)’ to split the window. When your splitter layout has loaded right click on each box in turn and add item to it.

deadbeef 0.6 design mode

Once done, disable design mode from the menu to apply changes.

What to do if you want to revert Deadbeef back to default layout?

Well, in file browser go to user home -> .conf (press Ctrl+H to view hidden folders), remove the whole deadbeef folder.

Full changes in Deadbeef 0.6.0:

  • gui layout designer, with a set of widgets to choose from (View -> Design mode, then use right click)
  • new API for creating GUI extension plugins
  • visualization support, spectrum analyzer and scope widgets
  • new hotkeys system, which adds local hotkeys, and many more actions to choose from
  • playlist browser widget: a vertical alternative to playlist tabs
  • album art viewer widget
  • selection properties widget
  • button widget: put custom buttons to main window, and assign any actions to them
  • showing seek time in the bar during seeking
  • added worldofspectrum downloader to artwork plugin (for AY tunes)
  • native flac cuesheet support
  • lots of fixes in MP3 and ID3v2 support
  • improved AAC support
  • fixed the context menu in metadata editor
  • added GTK3.6 filechooser filter regression workaround
  • fixed compatibility with FFMPEG up to 2.0.2
  • added location field to the metadata tab in track properties
  • fixed playlist columns sizers dead zone bug
  • new WMA plugin
  • a ton of stability/responsiveness fixes to mms plugin
  • added customizable content-type mapper, to associate network streams with plugins
  • improved remote playlist loading
  • fixed buffer overflow in m3u plugin
  • subtracks no longer get written to pls and m3u
  • warn a user if he attempts to quit while a job is running (e.g. converter)
  • fixed tabstrip scrolling timer bug
  • added GTK3 touchpad smooth scrolling support (kudos to thesame)
  • added option to always convert 16 bit input signal to 24 bit (Eugene Rudchenko)
  • added experimental Mac OS X support (thanks to Carlos Alberto Nunes for the CoreAudio plugin)
  • improved playlist tab rendering code to work better on HDPI displays
  • fixed rounding error in streamer sleep time calculation – that solves some stuttering problems
  • added OPUS and TAK support in the static build (via ffmpeg)

Download Deadbeef:

The installers for Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux and portable version are available in official download page.


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