Linux Kernel 3.12 Released, Install it in Ubuntu & Linux Mint

Last updated on November 5th, 2013

Linus Torvalds finally announced Linux Kernel 3.12. Here’re the new features and how to install / upgrade to Kernel 3.12 in Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10 and Linux Mint.

Linus Torvalds wrote on the mailing list (read the announcement):

I was vacillating whether to do an rc8 or just cut the final 3.12, but
since the biggest reason to *not* do a final release was not so much
the state of the code, as simply the fact that I’ll be traveling with
very bad internet connection next week, I didn’t really want to delay
the release. Sure, we had a number of driver reverts, and there was an
annoying auto-NUMA memory corruption fix series, but none of it was
really worth delaying 3.12 for.

But the fact that I’m going to be (effectively) off-line next week
means that I’m *not* opening the merge window for 3.13 yet …

What’s New in Linux Kernel 3.12:

  • The Radeon open-source kernel graphics driver has improved Dynamic Power Management, but it won’t be until Linux 3.13 where Radeon DPM is enabled by default along with HDMI audio.
  • A brand new DRM/KMS driver in the form of the Snapdragon MSM driver written by Rob Clark to go along with his reverse-engineered Freedreno driver for Qualcomm Snapdragon/Adreno graphics.
  • Run-time GPU power management so NVIDIA Optimus systems can dynamically power on/off the secondary GPU.
  • Experimental DRM render nodes support done by David Herrmann over the summer.
  • AMD Berlin APU support as the first APU built upon AMD’s Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA).
  • The EXT4 file-system now supports aggressive extent caching and better recovery capabilities.
  • Random F2FS, XFS, and Btrfs file-system improvements. This kernel does deliver on disk improvements.
  • zRAM has been promoted out of the staging area of the kernel. ZRAM supports a compressed block device in RAM to avoid paging to disk and is mostly of benefit for systems with limited amounts of system memory.
  • Various staging driver updates and sound driver work and other glorious work.
  • Install / Upgrade Linux Kernel 3.12

    The DEBs for Linux Kernel 3.12 has been made into kernel-ppa. Press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open terminal and follow the steps below to download and install them.

    1. Download DEBs for this kernel:

    For 32-bit Ubuntu, Linux Mint and alternatives run commands below one by one:


    For 64-bit Ubuntu, Linux Mint and alternatives run commands below one by one:


    2. For both 32-bit & 64-bit install the Kernel via:

    sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-3.12.0-*.deb linux-image-3.12.0-*.deb

    Once installed, restart your computer and done.

    If for some reason the new kernel does not work properly, run command below to remove Linux Kernel 3.12:

    sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.12.0-* linux-headers-3.12.0-*