How to easily Create Labels, Business Cards in Ubuntu Linux

Last updated: December 13, 2013


There’s a lightweight tool in Ubuntu repository called gLabels, which makes it easy to create labels, barcodes, business cards and media covers.

gLabels is simple and easy to use. On its main window click on “Create a New file” button, and then you can choose to create labels, business cards, CD/DVD covers, Photo Products, or even user defined items under Category drop-box.

New label or business card

Choose Brand and Paper size and get started designing your label or card. In next window, you can easily add text, rectangle, ellipse, pictures and edit the size, position, shadow, set as font or background, etc.

Finally save or print your job and done!

To install gLabels, just open up Ubuntu Software Center, search for and click install it.

For other Linux, you may download the source from


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2 responses to How to easily Create Labels, Business Cards in Ubuntu Linux

  1. how can i make business cards on elementary os luna! tryed the terminal no luck i tried the software center it’s not working if you have any ideas drop me a line please i’m a noob! thanks

  2. Hi, thanks
    gLabels use the CMYK color or RGB color ?