vpnc-gui: Graphical Tool to Connect to Cisco VPN in Ubuntu

Connect to Cisco VPN in Ubuntu

vpnc-gui is a simple application written in gambas3, it allows us to manage Cisco VPN connections with a convenient graphical front-end in Ubuntu Linux.

With is simple GUI you can:

  • Create vpnc file conf
  • Delete vpnc file conf
  • View vpnc file conf
  • Connect/Disconnect to a vpn Cisco connection

vpnc-gui find the existing .conf file in /etc/vpnc and setup a list of connection. If you want to connect to a vpn you simply choose the connection in the menu and click the “Connect” button.


This simple application is hosted on sourceforge.net. At the moment, there’s only .DEB package available for Ubuntu / Debian user.

vpnc-gui files | via:lffl.org