Native Music Player DeaDBeeF Updates With Lots of Fixes and Improvements


The lightweight Linux native music player DeaDBeeF has been updated to v0.6.2 with lots of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

DeadBeef is a fully-featured music player takes use of very few RAM. Since v0.6, it has a design mode (view -> design mode) that allows you to customize the UI the way you like.

The latest 0.6.2 release was released days ago on August 5th with lots of changes:

  • added “Stop playback after current album finished” (Aleksejs Popovs)
  • added ALAC, OPUS, OggFlac encoder presets (Ian Nartowicz)
  • added configure option to build artwork plugin without network support
  • added new widget for muting chiptune voices
  • added support for SHIFT-JIS charset detection/recoding (off by default)
  • fixed “stop after current” bug, which required player restart on every change
  • fixed –gui command line option
  • fixed GUI seeking accuracy bug
  • fixed bug in extended frame flags conversion between ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tag formats
  • fixed crash when loading playlist from command line
  • fixed loading album art (APIC frame) from ID3v2.4 with data length indicator
  • fixed non-utf8 locale support in console
  • fixed support for vorbis files with more than 6 channels
  • fixed playlist count limit bug
  • fixed preserving file permissions after editing ogg files
  • fixed several bugs in PLS playlist format support
  • improved FreeBSD and OSX support
  • improved charset detection in CUE and ID3v1
  • improved album art column rendering/resizing (Christian Boxdörfer)
  • improved the build system and the output build quality
  • improved detection of config changes, to avoid unnecessary config writing
  • improved support for reading APEv2 and ID3v1 tags from large files (>2Gb)
  • updated licensing information in all plugins, to include information about all used libraries
  • aac: added workaround for 7 channel sound playback bug
  • ape: play files with format >= 4.11, improved error handling
  • artwork: many fixes and improvements, including support for non-tagged files
  • dumb: added option to configure internal volume
  • ffmpeg: fixed bitrate calculation
  • ffmpeg: fixed replaygain support
  • flac: fixed/improved many things in tag reading and writing code
  • gme: added support for loading gzipped modules from supported archives (e.g. from zips)
  • gtkui, pltbrowser: better accessibility
  • gtkui: added option to disable seekbar overlay
  • gtkui: added option to display playback state as unicode characters, instead of bitmaps (works better on HDPI screens)
  • gtkui: added support for design mode to more widgets (seekbak, volumebar, playback toolbar)
  • gtkui: fixed bug in gtk_drag_check_threshold handler
  • gtkui: numerous fixes in widget layout code
  • gtkui: single/double clicking on album art column will select/play the album/group (Christian Boxdörfer)
  • lastfm: added support for scrobbling radio streams (off by default)
  • lastfm: added support for scrobbling tracks shorter than 30 sec (off by default)
  • lastfm: improved support for musicbrainz track id
  • mms: fixed few buffer overflow bugs, improved responsiveness
  • mp3: optimized scanner: less backward seeks during frame syncing
  • shellexec: fixed escaping of single quotes, prevent opening copies of shxui dialogs
  • vfs_zip: huge speed improvements
  • vorbis, oggflac: new tagging code (Ian Nartowicz)
  • improved plugin duplicate checking
  • fixed RIFF WAVE header writing in converter
  • fixed 8bit png crash in album art plugin (Ian Nartowicz)
  • static builds now use -O3 -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=0 compiler flags
  • fixed few issues with implementation of the Play button
  • improved tag writing in converter
  • fixed issues with “background jobs are running” warning
  • changed all wiki links to point to the new wiki on github
  • improved streamer event handling, to make the GUI more responsive and stable
  • fixed cleaning up downloaded temporary playlist files
  • Fixed skipping bad FLAC__METADATA_TYPE_CUESHEET blocks in FLAC
  • added support for uppercase .CUE extension
  • added “mpga” extension support (mp3)
  • fixed seeking backwards using hotkeys when in the beginning of a track

Install DeaDBeeF in Ubuntu:

Download the .deb package that matches your OS type – 32-bit (i386) or 64-bit (amd64) – from the link below:

[ac-button size=”large” color=”blue” url=”” target=”_blank”]Download DeaDBeeF .deb[/ac-button]

Then double click the package to open it with Ubuntu Software Center and click install.

By Ji m

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