QupZilla 1.8.7 Released, QtWebEngine Version Is Under Development

QupZilla Qt web browser

QupZilla, an open-source Qt web browser, has reached the 1.8.7 release with enhancements and various bug-fixes.

QupZilla 1.8.7 is still using QtWebKit. New version QupZilla 2.0 will be using QtWebEngine, and it’s now under development. Changes in the 1.8.7 release:

  • save pinned tabs per-window when set to restore session
  • Shift+Left click on links now opens link in new window
  • show web inspector action now toggles inspector
  • add button to create new userscript in GreaseMonkey
  • add “Anti-Adblock Killer” AdBlock subscription
  • add Ctrl+G and Ctrl+Shift+G shortcuts in search toolbar
  • fix enabling select all and find actions in menu
  • fix searching for strings with special whitespaces from locationbar
  • fix build with KF5 KWallet, Qt 5.5 and gcc 4.9.
  • fix crash when blocking popup window with AdBlock
  • fix icon animation when blocking popup window with AdBlock
  • fix incorrectly accepting some cookies
  • fix creating new config directory
  • fix saving settings without changing pages in SpeedDial
  • fix center dials option in SpeedDial
  • fix not escaping characters for (file, ftp) dir listings
  • fix not showing restore page when opening new url from cli
  • fix adding search engine from form on page with Qt 5
  • fix saving homepage/new tab urls from preferences
  • Linux: use run-time detection of X11 platform

How to Install / Upgrade QupZilla in Ubuntu:

For all current Ubuntu releases, there’s an official PPA repository for QupZilla browser. Follow below steps to add the PPA and install/upgrade the latest browser:

NOTE: The new release is not ready for upgrade at the moment. CHECK OUT THE PPA PAGE.

1. Add QupZilla PPA.

Open terminal from the Unity Dash, App Launcher, or via Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut key. When it opens, run below command in terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:nowrep/qupzilla

2. If have a previous release installed, run Software Updater (or Update Manager) to upgrade the browser once a new release is out and made into PPA.

Or, run below commands one by one in terminal to refresh system repository cache and install/upgrade the browser:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install qupzilla

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