Install Spotify with Light Theme ‘Spotio’ in Ubuntu 16.04

Spotify light theme

For those who prefer light skins in desktop applications, ‘spotio‘ is open-source project offers a proof-of-concept Rdio-inspired skin for Spotify desktop app.

The project provides a setup script that automatically downloads the latest Spotify client binary from its official repository, extracts it, and rebuilds the package with Spotio theme so your Spotify app looks like:

To get started:

1. Download Spotio from the link below:

[ac-button url=””]Download Spotio master (.zip)[/ac-button]

2. Extract the package, and go to the result directory in terminal by:

  • either right-clicking on the folder and choosing “Open in terminal”.
  • or launching terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and running cd ~/Downloads/spotio* command

3. Now run the setup script to download Spotify for its official repository and repack it with spotio theme:


4. The new package will be generated in dist/ folder and named spotio.deb, install it when done:

cd dist/ && sudo dpkg -i spotio.deb

It will replace previous Spotify version you installed.

Restore Spotify with Dark UI:

So far the easiest way to restore changes is to download and re-install the official package

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