How to Upgrade to Ubuntu 17.04 from Ubuntu 16.10

upgrade Ubuntu 17.04

This is a quick tip for Ubuntu 16.10 desktop users how to upgrade to Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus.

Before getting started, you need to do some preparations:

1. Always make a backup of important data, bookmarks, and other user documents.

2. Remove or disable third-party repositories.

Launch Software & Updates utility, navigate to Other Software tab, and remove /disable all third-party repositories.

3. Restore to open-source drivers.

Also in Software & Updates utility, Additional Drivers tab, switch to the open-source drivers if proprietary drivers are in use. (Need restore after applied changes)

4. And it’s better to choose download from ‘Main Server’ in Software & Updates utility.

5. Make your system up-to-date by running command in terminal:

May need to restart if you have not update your system for a long time.

6. (Optional) Useless packages and software libraries may take a few more minutes upgrading your system. For me, Ubuntu Kylin and Plasma Desktop libraries take quite a few minutes in the upgrading process.

After all, launch Update Manager via the command below and it will prompt that Ubuntu 17.04 is available after checking for updates:

sudo update-manager -d

Click the Upgrade and confirm in the next dialog, follow the wizard util done.