HPLIP 3.17.7 Released with Some New Printers Support

HP Linux Imaging and Printing

HPLIP, free and open-source HP developed Linux drivers for HP printers, has reached the 3.17.7 release with some new printers supported.

New supported printers in HPLIP 3.17.7:

  • HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2635 All-in-One
  • HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2636 All-in-One
  • HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2675 All-in-One
  • HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2676 All-in-One
  • HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2677 All-in-One
  • HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2678 All-in-One
  • HP DeskJet 2620 All-in-One
  • HP DeskJet 2621 All-in-One
  • HP DeskJet 2622 All-in-One
  • HP DeskJet 2623 All-in-One
  • HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2200 All-in-One
  • HP DeskJet 3722 All-in-One
  • HP DeskJet Ink Advanatge 3789 All-in-One
  • HP DeskJet Ink Advanatge 3790 All-in-One

How to Install HPLIP 3.17.7 in Ubuntu:

The official .run installer is available for download at the link below:

[ac-button size=”large” url=”https://sourceforge.net/projects/hplip/files/hplip/” target=”_blank”]Download HPLIP (.run file)[/ac-button]

After downloaded the .run installer, open terminal via Ctrl+Alt+T or by searching for “Terminal” from app launcher. When it opens, run command to install it:

cd ~/Downloads/ && chmod +x hplip-3.17.7.run && ./hplip-3.17.7.run

Follow the terminal prompts to build HPLIP and setup your devices.

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  1. Hi Ji m,
    Thanks for the help you provided with HP installation, I had tried all the other methods but being a linux newbie I just couldnt get the HP Envy 4500 printer to scan as well, eventually I found your link, but then had to learn how to uninstall the previous attempts first and after that I ran this and now have everything running as it should be!!

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