QupZilla 2.2.0 released as ‘Final Series’ of the Qt browser

QupZilla 2.2, the final release series of the cross-platform Qt web browser, is now available.

QupZilla will now get only bug-fix releases, and next major release will be named Falkon as a KDE project.

QupZilla 2.2.0 release highlights:

  • added back print element background option
  • added back print preview dialog
  • added session manager
  • tab icon is now hidden when page has no icon
  • improved locationbar completer with search suggestions
  • improved handling of downloading dependencies in GreaseMonkey scripts
  • various improvements in TabManager extension
  • Linux: PulseAudio streams now have QupZilla app name and icon

Install QupZilla 2.2.0 in Ubuntu:

QupZilla 2.2.0 requires Qt 5.9.2. It can’t be built with default Qt libraries in all current Ubuntu releases.

At the moment, you can only download the Appimage, non-install single executable file, from the link below:

[ac-button url=”https://qupzilla.com/uploads/QupZilla-2.2.0.AppImage”]Download QupZilla 2.2.0 Appimage[/ac-button]

Then make it executable via its Properties window, and run the file to launch QupZilla:

Don’t see the “Run” option even after made the appimage executable? Go to file manage menu Edit -> Preferences -> Behavior -> Choose the option says ‘Run executable text files when they are opened’.

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