Install Google Hangouts client ‘YakYak’ via Snap in Ubuntu

YakYak, an open-source desktop chat client for Google Hangouts, now can be easily installed in Ubuntu via Snap package.

YakYak features:

  • Send/receive chat messages
  • Create/change conversations (rename, add people)
  • Leave/delete conversation
  • Notifications (using native OS notifications)
  • Drag-drop, copy-paste or attach-button for image upload.
  • Hangupsbot sync room aware (no bot name, proper user pics)
  • Show inline images
  • Send presence/focus/typing/activeclient to behave like a proper client
  • History scrollback
  • Video/audio integration (open in chrome)
  • Focus/typing indications (mainly a design issue. keep it clean)
  • Offer alternative color schemes

YakYak now is available as Snap, simply search for and install ‘yakyak’ in Ubuntu Software (need login with Ubuntu One account).

Or open terminal via Ctrl+Alt+T and run command instead to install the snap:

sudo snap install yakyak

Input your password (no visual feedback while typing) when it prompts and hit Enter.

To remove the software, either use Ubuntu Software or run command:

sudo snap remove yakyak