IntelliJ IDEA Reached 2017.3.2 with Numerous Fixes

Last updated: December 26, 2017

IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3.2 was released earlier today with some new features and numerous bug-fixes.

New Features in IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3.2 includes:

  • Support Heroku API v3
  • Add dedicated support for java.time.Duration in config files
  • Spring Boot: Endpoints: support new SB 2.0.0 properties for managing actuator endpoints
  • Allow configure vuejs interpolation literals
  • Node debugging: allow to override default debug options passed to Node
  • ES6: Copy-paste support. Add imports for referenced exported elements
  • Support authorization with Basic or Digest
  • TypeScript service: if project contains only one root tsconfig.json use the config options for all files from the project
  • And see the release note for bug-fixes.

How to Install IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3.2 in Ubuntu:

There are a few ways to run the latest release of the Java IDE in Ubuntu desktop. And here are 3 of them:

method 1: Download official Linux package (NON-INSTALL), extract and run the executable to launch the IDE:

method 2: Install the Snap package (runs in sandbox) for Ubuntu 16.04 and higher:

Open terminal via Ctrl+Alt+T or by searching ‘terminal’ from app launcher. When it opens, run command:

sudo snap install intellij-idea-community --classic

Replace intellij-idea-community with intellij-idea-ultimate for ultimate edition. And type your password (no visual feedback) when it asks.

method 3: Install the traditional .deb package via PPA to get the official Linux package and install the application shortcut automatically.

To do so, open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run following commands one by one to add the PPA and install the .deb packages:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntuhandbook1/apps

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install intellij-idea-community

Also replace intellij-idea-community in the code with intellij-idea-ultimate for ultimate edition.


For the snap packages, you can either remove them from Ubuntu Software, or by running command in terminal:

sudo snap remove intellij-idea-community intellij-idea-ultimate

For the PPA packages, remove them either via Synaptic package manager, or by running command in terminal:

sudo apt-get remove --autoremove intellij-idea-community intellij-idea-ultimate

And you can remove the PPA via “Software & Updates” utility under Other Software tab.


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