Pandora Client ‘Pithos’ 1.4.1 Released with Gnome 3.26+ Fixes

Pithos, a native Pandora Radio client for Linux, reached the 1.4.1 release days ago with performance improvements and some bug-fixes.

Changes in Pithos 1.4.1 include:

  • Change default quality to high (mp3)
  • Mark application as DBusActivatable
  • MPRIS: Fix potential unhandled exception
  • Handle keyboards with a dedicated pause key
  • Fix media keys support on GNOME-Shell 3.26+ and MATE
  • Improve behavior on various notification servers

How to Install Pithos 1.4.1 in Ubuntu:

There’s no PPA with the latest Pithos build at the moment. Besides building from source tarball, the easiest way is to install its Flatpak app.

See this how-to install Pithos flatpak app in Ubuntu 16.04 and higher.