PyCharm 2018.3 Released with WSL, Multiline TODOs Support

PyCharm IDE

JetBrains PyCharm IDE 2018.3 was released one day ago with new features and great improvements.

PyCharm 2018.3 features:

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) interpreters for Windows users developing apps for Linux.
  • Multiline TODOs support.
  • Great usability improvements for search everywhere feature.
  • Performance improvements to F-string.
  • Additional options for optimizing imports
  • GitHub pull requests
  • Cassandra support

How to Install PyCharm 2018.3 in Ubuntu:

Jetbrains offers official Snap package for Linux desktop. For Ubuntu 18.04 and higher, simply open Ubuntu Software, search for and install pycharm packages:

For Ubuntu 16.04, open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and install snapd daemon via command:

sudo apt install snapd snapd-xdg-open

Then install PyCharm snap package via command:

sudo snap install pycharm-community --classic

In the command replace pycharm-community with pycharm-professional for the professional edition.


To remove the PyCharm snap package, either use Ubuntu Software or run command in terminal:

sudo snap remove pycharm-professional pycharm-community