Corebird Continuation ‘Cawbird’ Updates with Improvements

Last updated: January 13, 2020

Cawbird is a fork of the Corebird GTK twitter client that continues to work with Twitter on Linux.

Corebird became unsupported after Twitter disabled the streaming API. Cawbird takes up the job to work with the new APIs and includes a few fixes and modifications.

Cawbird 1.0.4 was released today as the latest version including following changes::

  • Reduce bespoke themeing and make the main bar use native colors
  • Import favourited images from Corebird
  • Fixed crash caused by Twitter sending invalid entity positions in tweet
  • Fixed tweet length error with counting prime marks (quotes)
  • Update Italian translation

How to Install Cawbird in Ubuntu:

The community maintained Cawbird Snap package, which runs in sandbox, can be easily installed from Ubuntu Software:

For those prefer native .deb package, go to the developer maintained repository at the link below:

Select Ubuntu, then click ‘Grab binary packages directly‘ and download the .deb package for your system.

Finally install the .deb via Gdebi package installer (available in Ubuntu Software) and enjoy!


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