Firefox 77.0 Released with Pocket Recommendations for UK users

Last updated: June 2, 2020

Firefox 55

Mozilla Firefox web browser 77.0 was released today with some new features and various security fixes.

Firefox 77.0 features:

  • Pocket’s article recommendations in new tab. If you don’t see them, follow these steps.
  • WebRender available by default on Windows 10 laptop with Nvidia GPUs (all screen sizes).
  • manage web certificates on about:certificate page.

There are also a number of bug-fixes and other changes, see the release note for details.

Download / Install Firefox 77 in Ubuntu:

For those prefer upgrading the pre-installed Firefox package, v77 package will be available in a few days for all current Ubuntu releases. At that time, upgrade Firefox via Software Updater (Update Manager):


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