Folder Comparison and Synchronization App FreeFileSync 11.2 Released

Last updated: October 4, 2020

FreeFileSync 11.2, folder comparison and synchronization software to create and manage backup copies of all your important files, was released a few days ago.

Changes in FreeFileSync 11.2 include:

  • Improved grid layout with file icons hidden
  • Improved rendering of inactive and disabled grid items
  • Remember last user-selected paths for file and folder pickers
  • Fixed folder name hidden in “item name” view type
  • Fixed determination of unsupported trash folder (Linux)
  • Fixed copying broken symlinks (macOS)
  • Fixed default action when pressing Enter in popup dialogs
  • Fixed default popup dialog size (macOS)
  • Use localized start of week for %WeekDay% (Linux, macOS)
  • Swap sides using CTRL+W instead of F10
  • Show confirmation dialog before swapping sides

How to Install FreeFileSync in Ubuntu:

The software offers official Linux package (portable tarball contains executable and most run-time libraries) available to download at the link below:

Simply grab the Linux package, extract, and run the executable. You may also read this step by step guide to create an app launcher for this program.


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