HP Printer Driver HPLIP 3.21.4 Released with HP Envy 6400 Support

Last updated: May 24, 2021

HP printer drivers for Linux, HPLIP, released version 3.21.4 today with new devices and Linux distros support.

HPLIP 3.21.4 is a small release adds HP Envy 6400 series printers support, and adds new systems LinuxMint 20.1, Debian 10.8 support. Ubuntu 21.04 is not yet supported though it has been released for a few weeks.

And it does not install in Ubuntu 20.04 in my case, though it works in Ubuntu 20.10 and Ubuntu 18.04.

Download & Install HPLIP 3.21.4:

HPLIP packages are hosted on sourceforge.net, go to link below and download the “hplip-3.21.4.run” package:

Then open Downloads folder in file manager, right-click on blank area and select “Open in Terminal”.

When terminal opens, firstly run command to add executable permission to the file:

chmod +x hplip-3.21.4.run

Then run it to start installing the driver:


Answer some questions in terminal outputs and done.


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3 responses to HP Printer Driver HPLIP 3.21.4 Released with HP Envy 6400 Support

  1. Isaac Ramirez May 24, 2021 at 1:38 am

    you need to correct this
    chown +x hplip-3.21.4.run and replace by chmod +x hplip-3.21.4.run

  2. Thanks. Very Helpful. I was able to install my printer driver on Linux Mint quite easily.

  3. HP makes the most crappy printers in the world, especially ENVY 6400 series is f**ng JUNK!