How to Install and Set up Gerbera Media Server in Ubuntu / Debian

Last updated: April 26, 2024

This simple tutorial shows how to install and setup Gerbera home media server in all current Ubuntu and Debian releases.

Gerbera is a free and open-source UPnP media server for Linux, BSD, and Mac OS. With it, you can stream audio and/or video files over home network, and play on any device with a media player with UPnP support, e.g., VLC.

How to Gerbera in Ubuntu / Debian via its official repository

Gerbera is available in Ubuntu repositories but always old. It’s however quite easy to install the latest version since it offers an official apt repository. And so far, it supports for Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 21.04, Debian Buster & Bullseye.

1.) Firstly open terminal from start menu. Then paste the command below and hit run to install the key:

curl -fsSL | sudo apt-key add -

Install curl via sudo apt install curl if you don’t have it. Type user password when it asks (no asterisk feedback) and hit Enter.

2.) Next add the apt repository by running command in terminal:

sudo apt-add-repository

3.) Adding repository should automatically update the package information. If not, run it manually via command:

sudo apt update

4.) You can finally install the latest Gerbera package via command:

sudo apt install gerbera

Set up Gerbera Media Server:

The media server is now simple to use since user and permission are well configured during installing process.

1.) Set user and password for Web UI.

You can skip this step, so anyone in home network can access the server configuration page via Web UI without authentication.

Firstly, open terminal and run command to edit the config file:

sudo gedit /etc/gerbera/config.xml

When files opens, go to UI section. Enable account login and set username and password as you prefer.

2.) Run Gerbera service:

Next, run command to start the media server service:

systemctl start gerbera

And check the server status via command:

systemctl status gerbera

If it’s running successfully, it will output the IP address and listening port for the web UI page.

NOTE: to make the service start automatically at login, run systemctl enable gerbera.

3.) Paste the address in web browser, in my case, and hit Enter. Then login with the user and password you set in step 1.).

You can finally, click “Add some files” to steam your media files, and manage them as well as clients via next two buttons.

OK, you can now enjoy the music or movie in any device with UPnP client, for example VLC on iOS:


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3 responses to How to Install and Set up Gerbera Media Server in Ubuntu / Debian

  1. I (and apparently others) got an error:

    Gerbera’s UI is disabled. If you did not expect this, please check your configuration

    The way to correct is to go to the config file in /etc/gerbera and edit it and change the line:


    Note that to do this open up your file browser (thunar, catfish, etc), click the up arrow till you get to the top, click on /etc, then right click on the gerbera folder and choose “open as root”. Then

    1) Make a back up of the config.xml file by right clicking the file config.xml and choosing “copy” and then right clicking in the folder (away from a file) and choosing “paste”. It will make a file config.xml (copy 1).
    2) The edit the config.xml file by right clicking it again and choosing open with the text editor

    You can then right click the config.xml file and choose open with text editor.

  2. I have a problem,it is not possible to reach my Harddisk



  3. Thanks for the headsup.
    Here on ubuntu 22.04 there is no welcoming message; no way to selection of menus. Just the plain overview of files.