One Command to Test internet bandwidth in Ubuntu Linux Terminal

Last updated: September 28, 2013

Want to test your internet bandwidth without opening web browser? Well, here’s command line tool to do this using

This may be help if you’re on Ubuntu Linux servers that doesn’t have a GUI. The tool is based on Python 2.4-3.3, so it works on all Canonical supported Ubuntu releases.

To install the tool, speedtest-cli:

1.) First install python-pip, a tool for installing and managing Python packages. To do so, run below command:

sudo apt-get install python-pip

2.) Install speedtest-cli via python-pip:

sudo pip install speedtest-cli

Once installed, you can use one command to test your internet bandwidth. The command is:


You’ll see the similar output, which display you internet bandwidth as well as ISP & IP address.

Retrieving configuration…
Retrieving server list…
Testing from M-net Telekommunikations GmbH (…
Selecting best server based on ping…
Hosted by InterNetX GmbH (Munich) [2.23 km]: 18.756ms
Testing download speed………………………………….
Download: 7.81 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…………………………………………..
Upload: 3.46 Mbit/s


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4 responses to One Command to Test internet bandwidth in Ubuntu Linux Terminal

  1. can we create own graphical interface for speed test in ubuntu

  2. This works great in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS — and appears quite accurate as well.

  3. This works great but i also need a terminal speed test for ip6. I’ve been looking and have not found a true test. Just monitoror systems. I need a more portable aproach like the one discussed in this artical.

  4. Failed to mention I am running 7 machines using debian jessie and ubuntu vivid.
    Thanks in advance to any one who can help. Rosey