ClamTK Virus Scanner 5.03 Released [Download Link Included]

clamtk 5.03, clamav gui

The native Linux virus scanner ClamTK (ClamAV GUI) has released version 5.03. In this release, the scheduler was re-added by demand, it’s mostly the same as it was in the 4.xx series. It also updated requirement for some distros with gnome-icon-theme and brought lots of clean-up.

ClamTK 5.03 changelog:

  • Re-add scheduler (Google Issue #1). This adds cron or cronie back as a dependency.
  • Update requirement for some distros to gnome-icon-theme-full, and gnome-icon-theme for some distros (Google Issue #2); for Fedora, it seems we need gnome-icon-theme-legacy. Depends on the distro.
  • Remove extra gettext subs
  • Fix ugly copyright symbol
  • Update year in multiple places, 2013 -> 2014
  • Minor help documentation and man page tweaks.
  • Translation updated

Download ClamTK:

Download .deb packages for Ubuntu and .rpm packages for Fedora from the links below:

ClamTK main packages

ClamTk Thunar plugin

ClamTK KDE Dolphin plugin

ClamTK Nemo plugin