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The native Linux virus scanner ClamTK (ClamAV GUI) has released version 5.03. In this release, the scheduler was re-added by demand, it’s mostly the same as it was in the 4.xx series. It also updated requirement for some distros with gnome-icon-theme and brought lots of clean-up.

ClamTK 5.03 changelog:

  • Re-add scheduler (Google Issue #1). This adds cron or cronie back as a dependency.
  • Update requirement for some distros to gnome-icon-theme-full, and gnome-icon-theme for some distros (Google Issue #2); for Fedora, it seems we need gnome-icon-theme-legacy. Depends on the distro.
  • Remove extra gettext subs
  • Fix ugly copyright symbol
  • Update year in multiple places, 2013 -> 2014
  • Minor help documentation and man page tweaks.
  • Translation updated

ClamTK 5.03 in Ubuntu

Download ClamTK:

Download .deb packages for Ubuntu and .rpm packages for Fedora from the links below:

ClamTK main packages

ClamTk Thunar plugin

ClamTK KDE Dolphin plugin

ClamTK Nemo plugin

ClamTk, a GUI front-end for ClamAV Virus Scanner recently released version 5.02. This release brings a little UI improvements, bug fixes as well as translation updates. See the changelog:

  • Add gnome-icon-theme to requirements (mostly affects KDE-based systems like Kubuntu; it’s pretty standard with most distros)
  • Update statusbar after saving update preferences
  • Add missing icon in Nautilus context menu
  • Remove unused (notify-send and more) code from
  • Ensure FileChooserButton cannot be clicked with nothing (due to inability to reset)
  • Remove deprecated encoding pragma.
  • Updated language files: Bulgarian (bg), Czech (cs), Slovak (sk), Chinese (zh_CN), Irish (ga)

Download & Install ClamTk:

For Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint user:

ClamTk main package

thunar-sendto-clamtk (Xfce Thunar plugin)

clamtk-kde (KDE Dolphin plugin)

nemo-sendto-clamtk (Linux Mint Nemo plugin)

NOTE: previous packages only work for Ubuntu 13.04, Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 14.04 and higher. For Ubuntu 12.04, install ClamTk 5.00

For Fedora, CentOS, Source Tarball, go to ClamTk googlecode page

The GUI front-end for ClamAV virus scanner, ClamTk 5.00 has been released today with right-click file manager support. Here are the new features and how to install it in Ubuntu 13.10, 13.04, 12.04, Linux Mint.

What’s New in ClamTk 5.00:

Right-click file manager support uses nautilus-python

clamtk scanner nautilus plugin

Use of Virustotal API; requires perl-JSON and perl-LWP-Protocol-https

Now using Time::Piece instead of Date::Calc. It’s a Perl built-in

Now using Digest::SHA (sha256) instead of Digest::MD5

Built-in documentation (requires yelp), currently English only…

Updated language files: German (de), Bulgarian (bg), Galician (gl), Ukrainian (uk), Russian (ru), English (en_UK), Malay (ms), Hebrew (he), Italian (it), Dutch (nl), Asturian (ast), Uzbek (uz), Chinese (zh_TW), Finnish (fi), Spanish (es), Croatian (hr), Marathi (mr), Chinese (zh_CN), Slovak (sk), Indonesian (id), Latvian (lv), Azerbaijani (az).

Download & Install ClamTk 5.00:

For ClamTk main program:


For Xfce Thunar plugin:


For KDE Dolphin plugin:


Once downloaded, click to install them via Ubuntu Software Center. Run command below to fix dependency problem if any:

sudo apt-get -f install

For Fedora, CentOS and source code, download it from google code.

clamtk virus scanner 5.00 in ubuntu 13.10