Install Avidemux 2.6.8 in Ubuntu 13.10/12.10/12.04

Last updated on April 4th, 2019

Avidemux, a video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks has reached version 2.6.8. In this tutorial I will show you how to install or upgrade to this release in Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu 12.04 and their derivatives.

Changes in Avidemux 2.6.8:

  • Image/export: Proper initialization of Qz for jpeg export
  • UI : Add an override menu to force language
  • tinypy : Add support for os.environ
  • x264 : Improved settings (tobias)
  • Win32 : Fix crash when having an audio problem
  • Win32 : Re-add mp4v2 to installer files
  • Audio/FAAC : Fix channel mapping when source is mono
  • Audio/AMR : Re-enabled AMR
  • Audio/lavc : Fixed encoding for codec not supporting planar (MP2)
  • Audio : Fixed importing MP2 audio detected as MP3
  • Editor : Fix deleting chunks of the video leading to seek errors
  • Editor : Initial copy/paste support
  • Editor/audio: Fix issue when source has more than 4 tracks
  • Editor : Better detection of double fps input files
  • TS/Demux : Brute force eac3 probe
  • TS/Demux : Better initialization, avoid dropping audio
  • MP4/Demux : Fix management of PCM audio
  • Mkv/Demux : Proper re-indexing for mpeg2 in mkv
  • Mp4v2/Mux : Add fast start mode back
  • OpenSolaris : Some fixes by pfelecan
  • Subtitles : Update libass + very simple srt2ssa converter
  • OsX : Enables more optional codecs…
  • avsfilte : Performance Improvements (fahr)


The default versions in Ubuntu universe repository is avidemux 2.5.x. To install the latest version, you can use the GetDeb repository or Thanh Tung Nguyen’s PPA.

Method 1: To add the GetDeb repository, download and install this deb.

Then press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open the terminal. When it opens, run the commands below one by one:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install avidemux2.6-qt

These commands will install the video editor in Ubuntu 13.10 or Ubuntu 12.04. If you’re still running Ubuntu 12.10, use the Method 2:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rebuntu16/avidemux+unofficial

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install avidemux2.6

This PPA is maintained by a French guy, due to lack of time, he will update the PPA later this night.