Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr Is Out!

ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr, the Long-Term Support release finally is out!

Here’s a summary of the most obvious changes in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (zdnet.com):

  • Choice of application menu position
  • Application click-to-minimise from the Launcher
  • A wider range of scale for launcher icons – from 16 to 64 pixels
  • Appearance improvements for very high-resolution displays
  • Anti-aliased corners on windows
  • Borderless windows
  • New language status icon in the top menu bar
  • Harmonised appearance for the lock screen
  • System Settings (GNOME Control Centre) replaced by Unity Control Centre
  • Linux kernel incremented to version 3.13
  • Multi-task filtering by text input (see our 14.04 beta preview)
  • Opening a guest session triggers a ‘changes are temporary’ warning
  • Since Ubuntu One is to close in June, 14.04 will not support Ubuntu One File Services
  • First time for Ubuntu community flavours (Edbuntu, Kubuntu et al) to also be approved for LTS status
  • New Upstart — its last outing before Ubuntu switches to systemd

Download Ubuntu 14.04: