Writing App FocusWriter Adds Support Open XML Files, Install it in Ubuntu

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Full-screen writing program FocusWriter updated to version 1.5.0 with many exciting new features and improvements.

FocusWriter is a simple, distraction-free writing environment. It utilizes a hide-away interface that you access by moving your mouse to the edges of the screen, allowing the program to have a familiar look and feel to it while still getting out of the way so that you can immerse yourself in your work.

FocusWriter features:

  • TXT, basic RTF, and basic ODT file support
  • Timers and alarms
  • Daily goals
  • Fully customizable themes
  • Typewriter sound effects (optional)
  • Auto-save (optional)
  • Live statistics (optional)
  • Spell-checking (optional)
  • Multi-document support
  • Sessions
  • Portable mode (optional)
  • Translated into over 20 languages

The latest release 1.5.0 was released one hour ago on June 17th, 2014 with following new features and improvements.

  • Added daily progress dialog
  • Added default themes
  • Added blurring behind text area
  • Added drop shadow behind text area
  • Added duplicating themes
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to move between paragraphs
  • Added option to disable byte order mark
  • Added basic support for Office Open XML files
  • Added Windows installer
  • Include dictionaries on Windows
  • Improved theme dialog
  • Improved background color when loading theme
  • Stopped clearing document cache across runs
  • Synchronized location for open and save dialogs
  • Switched to hunspell
  • Switched to QtZip
  • Refactored daily progress
  • Refactored document cache
  • Refactored spell checking code

Install FocusWriter 1.5.0 in Ubuntu:

Press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open the terminal. When it opens, run the commands below one by one will install the writing app from its official PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gottcode/gcppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install focuswriter

Works on Ubuntu 14.10, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 12.04 and their derivatives.

For Othe Linux, Window, and Mac OS, go to FocusWriter website.