Birdie 2.0 To Be A Twitter App Only for Elementary OS

birdie twitter client

The development of Birdie 2.0, an open source desktop Twitter client, drops other Linux support and now is focusing on Elementary OS.

“Birdie is no longer a Twitter app for GNU/Linux, instead, it will be the best Twitter app for elementary OS.”

The Birdie Team has recently announced that the development of Birdie 2.0 is now focusing on Elementary OS and advised all other Linux users to try Corebird.

Nathan Dyer, explained why Birdie 2.0 switches to Elementary OS in the announcement:

  • Birdie 2.0 is built on APIs that are exclusive to elementary OS
  • It will integrate with Pantheon Online Accounts for system-wide login
  • data can be shared between all your favorite services and apps with advantage of both Contractor and Pantheon Online Accounts.
  • no way to be the best Twitter app on any platform

Read more at the official announcement

Download Birdie for Elementary OS:

The website provides the 1.1 release for download at the moment, available for Elementary OS Freya:

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