Install & Setup Harmattan Conky Theme in Ubuntu Desktop

ubuntu 17.04

Harmattan is a set of conky themes that display a desktop widget on Ubuntu desktop with information of date and time, weather forecast, network speed, and system resource usage.

For those who want to try this conky theme, here’s a step by step how to setup guide:

1. First of all, open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and install conky if you don’t have it via command:

sudo apt install conky-all

2. Download the conky theme via the link below:

[ac-button url=”” size=”large”]Download Harmattan Master[/ac-button]

3. Extract the tarball, go into result folder and move the .harmattan-assets folder (press Ctrl+H to view hidden folders) to user’s home directory.

Then open the result folder in terminal:

4. When the terminal opens, run the script via command:


You’ll see a desktop conky widget, now you can do:

  • press h or l to switch themes.
  • Press j or k to change formats.
  • Press n or m to switch modes.

After selected your favorite theme, press i in terminal to setup OpenWeatherMp API and your City ID.

5. Finally open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run command to edit the .conkyrc file:

gedit ~/.conkyrc

When the file opens, do:

  • Change window_type= to "override" to remove widget border.
  • Change the value of gap_x and gap_y to move widget location.

For the network connection issue, find your device name via command:


In my case it’s enp2s0, so in the .conkyrc file replace all enp0s1 with enp2s0 (use Search -> Find and Replace … menu).

Finally save the file and enjoy!