FFMPEG 4.1 Released with AV1 Support in MP4


FFmpeg multimedia libraries released version 4.1 today with a lot of new filters, codec decoders, and more.

FFMPEG 4.1 release highlights according to the changelog:

  • support for AV1 in MP4
  • support mbedTLS based TLS
  • AV1 parser
  • SER demuxer
  • ATRAC9 decoder, ilbc decoder, IMM4 video decoder
  • AVS2 video decoder via libdavs2
  • Brooktree ProSumer video decoder
  • MatchWare Screen Capture Codec decoder
  • WinCam Motion Video decoder
  • RemotelyAnywhere Screen Capture decoder
  • AVS2 video encoder via libxavs2
  • pcm vidc decoder and encoder
  • decoding S12M timecode in h264
  • deblock filter, tmix filter, amplify filter, fftdnoiz filter
  • aderivative and aintegral audio filters
  • pal75bars and pal100bars video filter sources
  • adeclick filter, adeclip filter
  • libtensorflow backend for DNN based filters like srcnn
  • vc1 decoder is now bit-exact
  • lensfun wrapper filter, colorconstancy filter, 1D LUT filter (lut1d), cue and acue filters
  • transpose_npp filter, amultiply filter, acrossover filter
  • Block-Matching 3d (bm3d) denoising filter
  • audio denoiser as afftdn filter
  • sinc audio filter source, chromahold filter, setparams filter, vibrance filter
  • xstack filter, (a)graphmonitor filter, yadif_cuda filter

Download FFMPEG 4.1:

There’s no PPA package or Snap at the moment to make installing FFmpeg 4.0 easy in Ubuntu.

Download the source tarball:

[ac-button style=”flat” size=”large” color=”tan” url=”https://www.ffmpeg.org/download.html”]Download FFMPEG (source)[/ac-button]