Vivaldi Browser 2.2 Released with More Configurable Toolbars

Last updated: December 14, 2018

Vivaldi web browser released version 2.2 yesterday with more tabs management functionality, more configurable toolbars, and other new features.

Vivaldi 2.2 release highlights:

  • Add ‘Save select tabs as Session’ in context menu.
  • Add numbered accelerators to elements in main Window menu
  • Middle clicking in Back/Forward history drop-down should open the page in new tab
  • Add search box in speed dial.
  • Show a list of closed tabs using Quick Commands by typing “Show Closed Tabs”
  • Enable pop out video (Picture in Picture)
  • Better ‘Netflix’ support for Linux
  • Add a new ‘Customize’ context menu for any button on the toolbar.
  • Mute all other tabs via the tab context menu
  • For more, see the relese note.

How to Install Vivaldi 2.2 in Ubuntu:

The official Ubuntu .DEB packages are available for download at the link below:

Grab the deb matches your OS, then install it via Ubuntu Software or Gdebi package manager. Or run command in terminal:

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/vivaldi-stable_2.2*.deb

In addition, after installed the .deb package, you can enable Vivaldi apt repository (Softare & Updates -> Other Software) to receive future updates through Software Updater:


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