Speed Up ‘Alt-Tab’ Task Switcher Popup in Ubuntu 18.04

Last updated: August 23, 2019

gnome shell

Feel that Gnome desktop ‘Alt+Tab’ popup is slow? There’s by default 0.15 second popup delay when you pressing Alt+Tab on keyboard.

It’s nothing serious for some people including me. But if you want to remove the delay to speed up task switcher popup, it can be done easily via gnome shell extension.

Open Ubuntu Software, search for remove alt tab popup and install the extension.

It takes effect immediately after you installed the extension. And as noted it effects all kinds of pop-ups.

To manage the Gnome Shell extension, install and open Gnome Tweaks, then go to Extensions tab.


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3 responses to Speed Up ‘Alt-Tab’ Task Switcher Popup in Ubuntu 18.04

  1. It brings up the popup quickly enough. But doesn’t change the window very quickly. You effectively have to press alt-tab twice instead to change between windows (once for the switcher window to appear and then again to change the window :( ) .

  2. It takes a second or two for alt-tab to work here on Mint, not 0.15 seconds, and I must hold the keys for a long time for it to work, so I doubt this will help me, but maybe I’ll try it. Very, very stupid and annoying. I’m accustomed to fast window switching for over ten years. Mint has a lot of weird issues like this.

  3. You may completely bypass the switcher popup with this extension: