How to Create WiFi Hotspot in Ubuntu 16.04 (Android is Supported)

wifi hotspot

The default network manager in Ubuntu 16.04 now supports to create WiFi hotspot for Android devices.

You can create a Wireless access point in Ubuntu 14.04 using Unity’s default network manager, but a little hack on the configuration file is required.

In Ubuntu 16.04, there’s a Hotspot mode in the WiFi connection editings page that works directly for Android devices. Here’s the step by step how to guide:

1. First disable WiFi and connect your laptop to a wired network, so your network menu looks like:

2. Click Edit Connections on the menu shown in above picture. Then click Add to add a new connection:

3. Choose WiFi from the drop-down box in the next window and click Create button.

4. When the editing window popup, do:

  • Type in connection name, SSID, select Hotspot mode.
  • In Wifi Security tab, select WPA & WPA2 Personal and type in a password.
  • In IPv4 Settings tab, select mode “Share to other computers”

5. After clicked the save button, enable WiFi and click Connect to Hidden Wi-Fi network and select connect to the connection you just created.

6. Your network menu now looks like:

Finally connect to this hotspot from your Android device and enjoy!