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Boring with the default Grub2 boot loader appearance? Besides switching to Burg boot-loader, you can change the look and feel via the Vimix-grub-theme.

The theme is designed by vinceliuice, the man behind Vimix GTK theme. To try it out, follow the steps below one by one:

1. First, either download the theme package from Github project page, or use the direct link below:

2. Then, go to your Downloads folder. Extract the tarball, and right-click on new generated folder and select “Open in Terminal”.

3. In the pop-up terminal window, run command to install the theme:

sudo ./ --theme vimix

For choice, you can install a few other themes by replacing vimix with tela, stylish, or whitesur. And/or add more options, such as:

  • --screen 2k (or 4k, ultrawide, ultrawide2k) to specify screen resolution. Skip this for 1080p.
  • --icon white (or whitesur) for the icon color. Skip for colorful.

In addition:

For those who want to change the background image or change theme later, simply install Grub-Customizer, launch the software and do:

  1. navigate to Appearance settings tab.
  2. highlight the theme file “background.png”
  3. click ‘Load file’ selection box and choose your image (must be .png)
  4. finally click Save button in Grub Customizer.

Also remove useless Grub menu entries via the first tab in Grub-Customizer if you have multiple Linux Kernels.


To restore Grub boot menu screen, re-do step 2 to open the theme source folder in terminal, and run command:

sudo ./ --remove vimix

Also replace vimix according which theme you installed.

Grub is the default boot loader of Ubuntu Linux. Since Grub2 there’s an easy way to change its background wallpaper, without any third-party software.

All you need is the picture file you want to set as background. Supported file format: jpeg, tga, and png.

To get started:

1.) Open Nautilus as root account by pressing Alt+F2, then type gksudo nautilus and hit enter.

2.) Navigate to Computer/Home/your-user-name, copy the picture and paste it into /boot/grub

3.) Now apply the changes by running this command in terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T):

sudo update-grub

You’ll find “Found background image: picture-name.jpg” in the output.

Reboot and see the magic!