Fotoxx 13.09 Released: Install it via PPA in Ubuntu 13.04/12.04

Last updated: April 4, 2019

As you may know, the digital photo editor Fotoxx updates every month. Here I’ll show you how to install and keep the latest version in Ubuntu 13.04 Raring, Ubuntu 12.04 Precise and their derivatives via PPA.

So far, the latest release is 13.09. With it, you can edit photos and manage a large collection. Includes thumbnail image browser and navigator, RAW file import, a comprehensive set of edit functions working in deep color, fast full-image feedback, multiple undo/redo, select/copy/paste, file versioning, batch transforms, HDR and panorama composites, metadata edit, fast search and display, named image subsets (views). Read the changelog.

fotoxx ubuntu

Install Latest Fotoxx:

The getdeb repository provides Fotoxx packages for Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 13.04. You can add the repository by downloading and installing the Debs from the below link:

download gedeb package

After that, you can install fotoxx and receive updates by Synaptic Package Manager or by running below commands in terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T):

sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install fotoxx

For other Ubuntu editions, such as Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu 10.04, etc. Download the deb packages from the official site.


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