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Free interior design software SweetHome3D 6.5 was released a few day ago. Here’s how to install it in Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 20.10, Linux Mint 19.x, and 20.x.

According to the release note, SweetHome3D 6.5 features:

  • Azul OpenJDK 11.0.10 bundle for 64-bit Windows to get better HiDPI support.
  • Azul OpenJDK 15.0.2 bundle for Mac OS X ≥ 10.9, which supports notarization and the Apple new M1 processor.
  • JOGL library updated to 2.4 RC 20210111
  • Display Java runtime and Java 3D version in About dialog.
  • New options in Furniture and Textures Library Editors
  • Add a new example to the gallery, shows a house with pillars built on a small hill along a lake.

How to Install Sweet Home 3D 6.5 in Ubuntu:

First the software offers Linux portable as well as jar package in sourceforge page.

Sweet Home 3D is also available to install and keep updated via Flathub repository.

1. Setup Flatpak framework in Ubuntu:

First open terminal from system application launcher. When it opens, run command to install flatpak:

sudo apt install flatpak

Then add the flathub repository by running command:

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

2. Install Sweet Home 3D flatpak package:

To install the package, run command in terminal:

flatpak install flathub com.sweethome3d.Sweethome3d

To update the flatpak package, run command:

flatpak update com.sweethome3d.Sweethome3d

Once installed, you can launch the software from ‘Show Applications’ menu and enjoy!


To uninstall Sweet Home 3D flatpak package, run command in terminal:

flatpak uninstall com.sweethome3d.Sweethome3d

Flameshot, the popular screenshot software, released version 0.9.0 with great new features!

Flameshot 0.9.0 adds new global shortcut menu in configuration dialog. All actions hotkeys are fully customizable.

Another great new feature is new “Latest Uploads” option in indicator menu. It opens upload history dialog which lists all images uploaded to imgur with buttons to quickly copy image URL and open in browser.

Other changes in the 0.9.0 release include:

  • Official Mac OS support.
  • Improved Gnome Wayland support.
  • Offer digitally signed windows releases.
  • Ability to run flameshot on Sway
  • Option to use JPG format for clipboard.
  • Take “symmetric” selections by holding the Shift key
  • Add “check for updates” option
  • The rectangle tool now round the corners based on the current thickness
  • New “fixed save path” option.

Download / Install Flameshot in Ubuntu:

The deb packages for Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, as well as other system packages are available to download at the link below:

Flameshot releases

Grab the deb for your Ubuntu edition, or download the non-install Appimage package.

For the deb, double-click to install via Software Install, or run command in terminal to install it:

sudo apt install ./Downloads/flameshot-0.9.0-*.deb

Nvidia Linux driver

NVIDIA announced a new release for the 460 Linux driver series today.

The new NVIDIA 460.56 driver added GeForce RTX 3060 support. The RTX 3060 features 5,888 CUDA cores, 1,777MHz GPU boost clock, 12 GB of GDDR6 video memory, and 170W TGP.

Besides the new GPU support, the 460.56 driver also fixed

  • a bug with indexed ray payloads in Vulkan,
  • a bug where calls to vkCreateDevice could fail on Ampere GPUs when ray tracing extensions were enabled and the application was running within the Steam Linux Runtime,
  • fixed a regression that could cause display corruption when using a scaled resolution after resuming from power management suspend.

How to Install NVIDIA 460.56 in Ubuntu:

Ubuntu now builds the latest NVIDIA drivers and pushes them via its own security & updates repositories. It however take time to publish the new packages.

You can just wait or use this well trusted Ubuntu PPA. Finally launch Additional Drivers utility to install & apply the new NVIDIA driver:

If you can’t wait, go to NVIDIA website and download the .run installer package (not recommended for beginners):

NVIDIA 460.56

Mozilla Firefox web browser 86.0 was released with improved pop out video support and latest privacy protection.

In Firefox 86, you can now play multiple videos at the same time in the Picture-in-Picture mode.

The new release also features new privacy protection: Total Cookie Protection. It stops cookies from tracking you around the web by creating a separate cookie jar for every website.

To enable this feature, go to about:preferences#privacy page and set Enhanced Tracking Protection to Strict mode.

Other changes in Firefox 86 include:

  • Improved Print functionality with a cleaner design and better integration
  • Enable credit card management and auto-fill feature for users in Canada.
  • Reader mode now works with local HTML pages.
  • Mitigate the stack clash attack in Linux and Android.
  • Remove DTLS 1.0 support.
  • Various security fixes.

How to get Firefox 86 in Ubuntu:

For all current Ubuntu releases, the new Firefox package will be published in Ubuntu security & updates repositories in next a few days.

At that time, you can easily update the web browser through Software Updater (Update Manager)

For those who can’t wait, go to the release page which also includes a download button:

Firefox 86 Release Note

HP Linux Imaging and Printing

HPLIP, HP developed printer and scanner drivers for Linux, released version 3.21.2 with new Linux distributions and devices support.

According to the release note, HPLIP 3.21.2 add following new Distro’s support:

  • Fedora 33
  • Manjaro 20.2
  • Debian 10.7
  • RHEL 8.3
  • RHEL 7.7
  • RHEL 7.8
  • RHEL 7.9

The new release also added a lot of new printers support:

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise M406dn, M407dn
  • HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M430f, MFP M431f
  • HP LaserJet Managed E40040dn
  • HP LaserJet Managed MFP E42540f
  • HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M455dn
  • HP Color LaserJet Managed E45028dn
  • HP Color LaserJet Enterprise MFP M480f
  • HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E47528f
  • HP PageWide XL 3920 MFP
  • HP PageWide XL 4200 Printer
  • HP PageWide XL 4200 Multifunction Printer
  • HP PageWide XL 4700 Printer
  • HP PageWide XL 4700 Multifunction Printer
  • HP PageWide XL 5200 Printer
  • HP PageWide XL 5200 Multifunction Printer
  • HP PageWide XL 8200 Printer
  • HP Laserjet M207d, M208d, M209d, M210d, M212d, M211d, M209dw, M209dwe, M210dw, M210dwe, M212dw, M212dwe, M208dw, M207dw, M211dw
  • HP LaserJet MFP M234dw, MFP M234dwe, MFP M233d, MFP M232d, MFP M235d
  • HP LaserJet MFP M237d, MFP M236d, MFP M232dw, MFP M232dwc, MFP M233dw
  • HP LaserJet MFP M236dw, MFP M235dw, MFP M235dwe, MFP M237dwe, MFP M237dw
  • HP LaserJet MFP M232sdn, MFP M233sdn, MFP M236sdn, MFP M234sdn
  • HP LaserJet MFP M234sdne, MFP M235sdn, MFP M235sdne, MFP M237sdne, MFP M237sdn
  • HP LaserJet MFP M232sdw, MFP M233sdw, MFP M236sdw, MFP M234sdw
  • HP LaserJet MFP M234sdwe, MFP M235sdw, MFP M235sdwe, MFP M237sdwe, MFP M237sdw

How to Install HPLIP 3.21.2 in Ubuntu:

1. To install the software, download the package “” from the link below:

HPLIP Download Page

2. Then open terminal either via Ctrl+Alt+T or by searching for “terminal” from app launcher. When it opens, run command to give executable permission:

chmod +x ~/Downloads/

3. Finally run command to start installing the driver:


Follow the terminal output and answer the questions. If everything goes OK, plug or re-plug your HP devices and enjoy!

Due to Pyqt5 dependency issue, the package does not install in Ubuntu 20.04.
As a workaround, choose “custom” as the installation mode, answer “no” to disable ‘Graphical User Interfaces (Qt5)’, and say “no” when installing the python-reportlab package.