Ubuntu 14.04: How to Change Drives Name in Nautilus File Browser

Last updated: July 26, 2014

Ubuntu change drive name

This quick tutorial is going to show you how to change the display name of drives, partitions (under Devices) in the left pane of Nautilus file browser.

Besides Ubuntu 14.04, I have 4 other partitions in my laptop. However, the Nautilus file manager only displays them as “x GB Volume” and I was always annoyed to find out which is which!

See the result first:

default drive name in Nautilus


change drive name in nautilus


How to fix it by changing drive label:

1. First make sure all the drives under Devices are unmounted in Nautilus file browser.

unmount partitions

2. Search for and install Gparted in Ubuntu Software Center.

3. Launch Gparted. When it opens, do below one by one:

  1. Right click on a drive/partition and choose Label
  2. On pop-up dialog box, give a name.
  3. Click the green check mark button to apply changes.

Change Drive name

Re-do step 3 on other partitions and done.


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3 responses to Ubuntu 14.04: How to Change Drives Name in Nautilus File Browser

  1. Any suggestions of what to do if the “Label” menu item is disabled? I’m not sure if this is because the drive I want to re-lable is hfs+ or what.

  2. Awesome article and its worked for me… thanks