Ubuntu Tweak Officially Discontinued

Last updated: May 5, 2016

Ubuntu Tweak Discontinued

Ubuntu Tweak, one of the most popular Ubuntu configuration tools, now is officially discontinued!

Tualatrix Chou, the creator and maintainer, finally announced the discontinuation of Ubuntu Tweak in his Chinese blog a few days ago, though the last software update was more than one year ago.

The website Ubuntu-Teak.com has been redirected, and it will be shut off one year later, though it’s still getting 4000+ visits per day. Moreover, the Github and Launchpad page has been added a line said “This project is no long under maintenance”.

Ubuntu Tweak Discontinued

Ubuntu Tweak Alternative:

The best alternatives are Unity Tweak Tool for Unity Desktop and Gnome Tweak Tool for Gnome Shell. Both can be installed via Ubuntu Software App.

Unity Tweak Tool for Unity

Unity Tweak Tool for Unity

Gnome Tweak Tool for Gnome Shell

Gnome Tweak Tool for Gnome Shell


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3 responses to Ubuntu Tweak Officially Discontinued

  1. What would be the best alternative to Ubuntu Tweak’s Janitor feature?

    • Try BleachBit. It’s available in Ubuntu Software. Just keep an eye on what you’re going to delete, some caches may be useful for working applications.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions – but the one feature that’s missing in the alternatives is the automatic removal of older kernels (that often causes the out of disc space error when trying to update Ubuntu).

    Is there an app or a command line way of doing that?