Automatically Change Power Mode in Ubuntu 24.04 | 22.04 base on Power Supply

Last updated: May 5, 2024 — 4 Comments

Want to change system power mode between Performance, Balanced, and Power Saver automatically when plug / un-plug power supply?

Here’s an extension can do the job for Ubuntu 22.04, Ubuntu 24.04, Fedora 38/39, Debian 12, Arch and other Linux with GNOME from version 42 to 46.

GNOME introduced setting options to switch power mode since v40. For laptop running on AC power supply, user may use ‘Performance’ mode for gaming or doing heavy work. To prevent from draining power fast after un-plug AC power, it’s better to switch to ‘Balanced’ mode, or even ‘Power Saver’ mode when battery level is low. To automate this work, ‘Power Profile Switcher’ extension was born.

1. First, open Ubuntu Software (or App Center for 24.04) app, then search for and install ‘Extension Manager’.

Install Extension Manager in Ubuntu Software/App Center

2. Then, either click ‘pill and dot’ on top-left or 9 dots (or Ubuntu Logo) icon on dock, search for and launch ‘Extension Manager’. And, use it to search and install ‘Power Profile Switcher’ extension.

For Fedora Workstation and other Linux with GNOME 42/43, use ON/OFF switch in this page to install the extension.

3. After installed the extension, switch back ‘Installed’ tab in Extension Manager. Or, use Gnome Extensions tool to open the configuration dialog for it.

Finally, select your desired power mode when running on AC power and on battery. And, set the low battery level percentage to automatically go to power saving mode.

The system power mode will change automatically when you plug and un-plug power supply. That’s all. Enjoy!


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4 responses to Automatically Change Power Mode in Ubuntu 24.04 | 22.04 base on Power Supply

  1. Thanks for this. Everything is working great.

  2. Now it is called ‘Auto Power Profile’

  3. thanks!!

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