Deepin 23 Released Beta 3 with AI Plugin, More i386 Devices Support

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Deepin, the popular Linux Distribution from China, announced the last Beta of version 23 this Friday!

Deepin is a Linux Distro so far based on Debian ‘Stable’ branch, features Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) that is built on Qt toolkit. It’s a free open-source system that has a very attractive desktop appearance.

Start in version 23, which is still in development, Deepin is going to be independent Linux Distribution. In the beta, it’s no longer depends on Debian or any other Linux, but still uses .deb and apt for installing and managing software packages.

The installer for Deepin 23 Beta3 is improved to be adaptive for different screen resolutions, including 768P, 1080P, 2K, and 4K. It added drivers support for certain i386 devices support, though without 32-bit download at the moment, due to human and resource limit.

The release introduced UOS AI plugin, available in system tray. User can communicate with it using text or voice. And, it can answer user questions and generate images based on user description.

It supports GPT 3.5, GPT4, and AI models from China, such as ERNIE-Bot, and provides a free AI trial account for users to use UOS AI functionality.

The DDE desktop environment has been improved with faster launcher (the main menu), overall visual effect enhancement, power performance management options for Intel and AMD memory. And, there are various new features introduced to control center, file manager, and app store.

There are as well about 4000+ package updates, with added support for i386, riscv64, and LoongArch64 architectures. Toolkit updates, including gcc 13.2, glibc 2.37, icu 73.2, Qt6 6.6.1, ffmpeg 6.0, mesa 23.3.3, Python 3.11 (default), perl 5.36, and default to LLVM 16. And, numerous bug-fixes. See the release note for details.

See more images about Deepin 23 Beta 3:

Get Deepin 23 Beta

The official download page provides the iso image for current 20.9 stable and 23 unstable:

To speed up download process, you may use a download mirrors that near to you.


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