How to Install Cinnamon 2.8 in Ubuntu 15.04

Last updated: October 21, 2015

Cinnamon 2.8

Linux Mint’s Desktop Environment Cinnamon 2.8 now is available for upgrade. Here’s how to install it in Ubuntu 15.04 via PPA.

Cinnamon 2.8 will be officially released and announced at the end of October. Currently known changes in the 2.8 release:

  • Better sound applet:

    The track info and media controls are now part of a new overlay which sits on top of the cover art. For supported players, a flat position bar is displayed underneath.


    Input controls, applications and output devices moved to the right-click context menu. Output devices now show their origins when multiple sound devices are detected (credits go to Cobinja for that).


  • Battery vendor/model info – display the presence of manufacturer data in the power settings and applet.
  • a couple of fixes to box pointers
  • The workspace switcher applet now shows a visual representation of your workspaces, with little cubes for the windows inside of them

Install Cinnamon 2.8 in Ubuntu:

There’s a PPA repository that contains Cinnamon 2.8 for Ubuntu 15.04. Ubuntu 15.10 should be support soon once it’s officially released. Check out the PPA page.

1. Add PPA.

Open terminal from the Dash, App Launcher, or via Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut key. When it open, run command:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:moorkai/cinnamon


2. Update and install the DE via below commands one by one:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install cinnamon

Once installed, log out and select log back with Cinnamon session.

3. (Optional) To remove Cinnamon, run commands:

sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove cinnamon

sudo apt-get autoremove


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8 responses to How to Install Cinnamon 2.8 in Ubuntu 15.04

  1. Hy Ji m,

    Is it possible to install the latest Cinnamon on Ubuntu 15.10 as in your article “How to Install Cinnamon 2.8 in Ubuntu 15.04”. An does it upgrade automatically?

    I Love Ubuntu but I prefer Cinnamon UI, will it be as close to Linux Mint Cinnamon UI? Can you please give me a reply.

    All the best,


    • The PPA has updated with Ubuntu 15.10 support (check out the PPA link). So you can install Cinnamon (2.8.6 so far) in Ubuntu 15.10 Wily by following this tutorial.

  2. Great guide. What about uninstlling Unity and any Gnome leftovers? Would like to have a clean Ubuntu 15.1 & Cinnamon. Could you amend guide to include that?


  3. Moorkaï PPA repository currently publishes packages for Wily (15) and Trusty (14) Ubuntu

  4. Is there anyone who tried to install 2.8 on Ubuntu 14.04? I have to stay on 14.04, but I’d really like to have the latest Cinnamon.

  5. Hi, I tried to use this method to install Cinnamon to my Xubuntu 15.10. After logging in with the cinnamon session, I see my desktop with the files I saved there, but no side menu / panel (I don’t know how it is called, you know, which has the Menu button, etc.).
    How could I fix that?
    Right clicking on the desktop I get a pop-up menu where it is possible to open a terminal (“Open in Terminal”).

  6. I just recently swtiched to cinnamon desktop from gnome as I did not really enjoy with new gnome interface. I used moorka ppa to install cinnamon on my 14.04 but from the time I login cinnamon session I notice the increasing memory consumption of cinnamon after straight use of 2 hours even though I didn’t use many applications simultaneously.When I restart the cinnamon alone from right-click menu on taskbar or restart the entire OS, at the beginning it pretends to drop 75MB of process memory without enabling effects of muffin but after a few minutes it can easily reach to above 100MB. Do anyone think it is because of display manager(lightdm)? should I change to MDM? if not what possibly be the real cause of it? I am really out of idea. Please help!