Install PileMd – A Beautiful Markdown Editor in Ubuntu

Last updated: March 16, 2016


Still looking for a Markdown Editor for your Ubuntu Linux? Try PileMd, a modern new app created a few days ago.

PileMd is an open-source note app that features:

  • Light Weight
  • Like rich editor it has Undo/Redo histories, open link in editors, keymaps
  • Sync data with locall files
  • Note and Text searching
  • Beautiful inline code highlight
  • manage notes with drag and drop
  • paste images, export notes, share on Qiita, and more..
PileMd Markdown Editor in Elementary OS Freya

PileMd Markdown Editor in Elementary OS Freya

pilemd-preview pilemd-manage

Install PileMd Markdown Editor in Ubuntu:

At the moment, there’s only portable version available. Just download the Linux package, extract and RUN EXECUTABLE FILE in the result folder.

Download PileMd for Linux


To create a shortcut, follow the steps below:

1. Open terminal from App Launcher, and run command to open downloaded package with super user privilege:

gksudo file-roller ~/Downloads/

Depends on downloaded package name, replace in the command. Install gksu via Software Center if not work.


2. When archive manager opens, extract it to Computer -> opt folder for global use.


Finally launch file browser and navigate to Computer -> opt. There you should see the PileMd folder. Mine is PileMd-linux-x64

3. To create a launcher, run command in terminal:

gksudo gedit /usr/share/applications/pilemd.desktop

It will open gedit text editor with a blank file, paste below content and save it.

[Desktop Entry]

For me, the executable file path is /opt/PileMd-linux-x64/PileMd.

For icon, get it from the source code in release page. Put the icon in the installation folder /opt/PileMd-linux-x64 or user’s local icons folder .local/share/icons(press Ctrl+H to view hidden folders).


When everything’s done, you should be able to launch PileMd from App Launcher.


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