QQ for Linux is Back, 10 Years After Discontinued!

Last updated: January 9, 2023

Tencent QQ, one of the most favorite instant messaging apps for Chinese users, now is back to Linux. And, it’s now in 3.0 release.

QQ for Linux was discontinued about 10 years ago. Now it’s back with following features:

  • Support x64、ARM64.
  • Offers .rpm, .deb for Fedora, Debian/Ubuntu, and AppImage package for most Linux.
  • Login by scanning QR Code via QQ on mobile.
  • Send texts, files, pictures, and take screenshots.

At the moment it’s QQ Linux 3.0 with modern UI powered by Tencent’s own QQNT framework. Which, is working perfectly in my case except for the video/audio chat support.

QQ for Linux 3.0

If you’re looking for QQ Linux package with full (or most) functionality, I’d recommend Deepin Wine QQ, or community build QQ Flatpak package.

To get the new QQ for Linux client, just go to its official website via the link button below:

Then, simply double-click the package to install it via Ubuntu Software and enjoy!

(Optional) To remove the IM, simply open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run command:

sudo apt remove linuxqq


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3 responses to QQ for Linux is Back, 10 Years After Discontinued!

  1. I just installed it on Linux Mint, the newest version. I can scan the QR code with my phone which will log me into the computer version of LinuxQQ, and am able to send messages to someone, but as far as making video calls etc, i still haven’t figured out how that one works?

    I dk if anybody else has it working, perhaps if yes, perhaps that person can leave a message here also.. -D

  2. nice job, keep going

  3. Still not available in english language shame on you QQ. I am using it on my android phone, in fact qq is my only chat platform installed as i trust it more over then the big junks like fb, google, skype etc. The android version of QQ international are still from 2017 and now 5 version behind the chinese version also. Please update it and do an english version please.