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Vuze BitTorrent Client

The Vuze BitTorrent protocol client has reached the 5.7.5 release a few days ago. Here’s how to install it in Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 16.10, and/or Linux Mint 18.

Vuze 5.7.5 features:

  • Native search results view
  • Native subscription results view
  • Search results now show if result already in Vuze where possible
  • Column Setup dialog now has a filter box
  • Sharing Progress popups can now be suppressed
  • New Files View column to show entire file path
  • Option to switch to Tag Settings view after tag creation to allow customization
  • Quick ‘notification view’ added to the Plugin Bar (Top Bar)
  • Plugin bar now has right-click menu to select the sub-views of interest
  • Sound/speech notifications added to notifications
  • Option added to create a notification when a download added to/removed from a tag
  • Option added to create a notification when a subscription has new results
  • Added size column to download history
  • Sidebar subscriptions menu option to update all manually
  • Added search option to always route through a proxy
  • Search templates now support full cookies
  • New isError tag constraint
  • Extended tag execute-on-assign actions to include pause and resume
  • Added some time-related tag constraint expressions to support time-based automatic tag assignment
  • Support for anonymous updating
  • New tag removal policy of ‘move to old tag’
  • Various other changes and bug-fixes

Install Vuze in Ubuntu via GetDeb repository:

The GetDeb repository has built Vuze 5.7.5 for Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 16.10, and their derivatives.

1. Open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run command to add the GetDeb repository:

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb xenial-getdeb apps" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/getdeb.list'

You may replace xenial (for ubuntu 16.04) in the code with yakkety for Ubuntu 16.10.

2. Then download & install the gpg key via command:

wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -

GetDeb repository for Ubuntu 16.04

3. After adding the repository, install Vuze 5.7.5 either via Synaptic Package Manager:

[lightbox full=””]install-vuze-575[/lightbox]

or by running following commands in terminal:

sudo apt update

sudo apt install vuze


To remove Vuze BitTorrent client, use Synaptic Package Manager or run command:

sudo apt remove vuze azureus && sudo apt autoremove

To remove the GetDeb repository, launch Software & Updates and go to Other Software tab.